verizon treo 650

Verizon wireless phones are ever increasing in popularity amongst the congested market that is the cell phone industry. Verizon phones, like the Verizon Treo 650 are highly competitive, well manufactured and jam packed full of features. Verizon is a highly successful communications company. They have experienced so much success and increased revenue so significantly with landline products that they decided to embark on the cell phone market. Verizon commenced its promotions into the marketplace just a few years ago and already they are fast gaining significant cell phone market share.

Verizon based their marketing strategy on a similar strategy that was initiated by AT&T wireless, in an effort to reach regions where service was poor and where a glut of unsatisfied customers had gathered. Verizon also partnered with cell phone manufacturers like Panasonic and Motorola to build the designs that would be the mainstay of Verizon wireless phones. Verizon advertised the message that their cell phone service was the most widespread and conversations were crystal clear. This is evident by the Verizon Treo 650 which offers convenience, reliability and wide reaching service all at a value for money price.

Verizon has automatically and instantly become popular with college students who compared themselves to the youthful spokesman on the commercials. College students who live close to the beach that get weak signals, choose Verizon in order to get less static and better reception.

Verizon also has some of the most flexible plans that start at $20 per month and can reach up $500 per month. The Verizon Treo 650 is an example of this value for money pricing. Verizon has heavily in order to create a service network that has good cell phone deals, is not very expensive, and allows clear communication. By adopting this model, Verizon will remain at the top of the cell phone provider tree for many years to come.

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