Get a new view on Verizon cell phone models

Considering the new Verizon cell phone models and the wide selection of call plans, Verizon is one of the top cell phone service providers out there today. It has made a name for itself for providing its users with a wide range of options for both equipment and for service plans. Of course, there are a lot of other things to take into consideration, such as customer service and price of plans. But Verizon at least matches, if not surpasses, its customers in these fields.

Verizon definitely takes the cake for the sheer number of phones that it offers. One of its most recent mainstays as a free complimentary phone or high-tech picture phones at discount are the LG brand phones. LG is a relatively new phone manufacturer that entered the United States market a few years ago. It may be not as well known as Nokia or Samsung, but the LG brand of flip phones are fast making names for themselves in electronics magazines and with expert reviewers in the print and Web media.

Take the LG VX80000. As one of the many Verizon cell phone models available, the VX8000 doubles as a fine digital camera, too. Its built-in picture taking capabilities involve 1.3 megapixels and, believe it or not, video recording as well. The VX8000 will not cease to amaze with its multimedia functions, such as its capability to play MP3s and high-speed networking. We’re talking Verizon’s third generation Evolution-Data Optimized, or EVDO, network, with data transfer speeds reaching 300 to 500 Kbps.

Of course, for a more basic LG phone, there is also the VX6000. It’s a basic photo-featuring flip phone that comes cheap even without a promotion. Plus, it offers needed capabilities like loads of storage room, analog roaming, a sliding cover for the lens, and a flash for better picture taking. It is just one of the Verizon cell phone models available, but definitely one of tops ones to check out next time you’re in a Verizon store.

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