Fuel your phone with Tracfone prepaid cards

Tracfone prepaid cards could be for you if you’re a mover and a shaker. If you’re always on the go and don’t like to locked down by the commitments of long-term cell phone contracts, then you may want to go the way of the pre paid service plan. It’s liberating to be able to buy minutes when you need them, and to not have to fret over overage charges, peak time limitations, and your monthly bill.

If this sounds right to you, consider Tracfone your way out of the typical cell phone contract rat race. You may not have heard of Tracfone already, but you should have. They are the biggest name in pre paid wireless services in the United States, which makes them lead competitors to the likes of Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint.

The big boys in cell phone service are getting nudged aside by the fantastic features that Tracfone offers. First, there are the Tracphone themselves. These pay-as-you-go phones are the key to your prepaid wireless service. They allow you to access Tracfone prepaid cards and truly pay as you go for your wireless service.

When you first buy your Tracfone, it’s usable right off the shelf. There are no contracts to sign, no credit checks to go through, and no activation or security fees. You just get the phone, its charger, a battery, and 10 free starter minutes.

Your phone will be active for 60 days without you having to do anything. When you’re ready to buy more minutes, just look for one of the thousands of retailers that offer the Tracfone cards. Then whenever you go low on your minutes, buy another card. Just be sure to buy new airtime every 60 to 360 days, the exact time frame depending on just what kind of Tracfone prepaid cards you’re using. This may sound complicated, but it’s not thanks to the Airtime Balance Display screen on every Tracphone.

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