No more outrageous bills thanks to pre paid wireless plans

Pre paid wireless plans are one of the latest crazes from cell phone service providers. They offer a range of benefits that you normally can’t get from your standard contract cell phone plan. It’s a flexibility that many people value. On the other hand, going pre paid may not be for you if you’re looking for some of the definite perks of long-term commitment relationships with a service provider.

First, let’s go over the good side of pre paid cell phone service. In many cases, these cell phone service providers offer cards that you use to buy airtime. The great thing about these cards if that you can always buy more at the same price if you need more minutes. You never have to worry about overage charges if you run out of minutes, or whether or not you’re killing your peak minutes or not.

One thing you do need to remember, though, with pre paid wireless plans is to purchase new minutes every so often. Usually, these service providers require you to re-up your minutes every so often. For instance, you may need to purchase or add new minutes every month, every two months, or every year. The exact timeframe depends on the provider.

What’s great about many of the phones used with these pre paid systems is that they’ll keep track of your minutes for you. They sometimes have a display for the number of airtime minutes you have left on a card. Plus, it may also display exactly when you need to buy new minutes, and how much these minutes will cost you.

Such a system is great for people on the go. If you don’t like to be tied down by long-term contracts, these plans could work for you. Or if you recently had credit problems and don’t want to go through the credit check that a contract process usually entails, you may want to consider pre paid wireless plans, too.

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