Motorola v551 reviews for Nextel wireless services

Motorola v551 reviews are a great way for you to asses whether the Motorola v551 is the phone for you. Motorola v551 cell phones are small, but jam packed full of powerful functions. This is a "flip" style phone that comes in a black and silver color scheme. Surprisingly for such a compact phone, the v551 comes with some great features that phone buffs just love.

Motorola v551 cell phones come with AOL Messenger built in. This is great if you're an AOL user and like zipping messages to members of your buddy list. Messaging is a great way to pop off a short message to a friend when a telephone conversation isn't really needed. The v551 also provides reliable access to Internet and email meaning that it can be used to make contact with the office when you are away on business or pleasure. This also makes laptop usage on the Internet a dream. Motorola v551 reviews will tell you just how popular this feature is.

In addition to AOL Instant Messaging and Internet connectivity, Motorola v551 cell phones come with 9 preset ring tones, a 250 entry phonebook, and caller ID support. It may seem like a luxury, but it's nice to be able to change your ring tone. This way when you're in a crowd of people and a cell phone goes off, you'll be able to tell if it's yours or not.

Motorola v551 cell phones are a Nextel cell phone. Nextel has a lot of affordable and flexible plans for the v551, many offering the much desired unlimited weekends and nights. Try looking for the v551 on the Internet. There are a number of companies offer Motorola products, and you might be able to get the v551 for free with a rebate. Check out Motorola v551 reviews – you won’t be disappointed.

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