motorola v220 review

A Motorola V220 review will tell you what you expect to hear. Motorola V220 cell phones are a state of the art match between true form and functionality. These truly are beautiful phones that, while stylish, are always practical and amazingly functional. But how do they fit all that into one tiny little package?

All Motorola V220 cell phones come standard with a built in VGA camera, with zoom! This means that you can actually zoom in on your subject, adjust your shot, and snap! You can then send this picture to a friend. It's that easy. If you’ve never been a photographer then now is the time to start!

A Motorola V220 review will also espouse the virtues of the Motorola V220 cell phones’ huge phonebook capacity. You can load and save 1000 phone numbers in this tiny 4.4 ounce wonder. You won't have to fumble around with scraps of paper and outdated phonebooks anymore. Everything is right where you need it.

These really are beautiful phones. As a Motorola V220 review will tell you they come in a stylish black and grey design that won't go out of style like some of the trendier, "kid style" cell phones. Motorola V220 cell phones are flip phones, which is nice if you're concerned about scratching up the display. The V220 also comes standard with a speaker phone and voice dialing. These cell phones even have Bluetooth connectivity so you can download information from your computer to your cell phone and vice versa. This means that you can access the Internet and email even when you are away from your office.

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