Meet the all new, super thin Motorola razor phone

The Motorola razor phone is the hottest new phone of the year to date. You probably have seen your fair share of commercials for it, with its slender form sliding effortlessly through the air at the end of the ads, eventual slicing through its own brand name. It’s a design that takes the flip phone to the outer edge of design, making your typical flip phone seem clunky and old-fashioned.

Leave it to Motorola to come out with such an invention. The cell phone manufacturer has been barraging the United States market as of late with imaginative commercials full of young urbanites scaring off and even impressing roughneck hooligans with their phone game skills. You probably have heard these commercials and maybe not even realized what you were watching. Next time, just listen for the new logo that Motorola has given itself: “Hello, Moto!”

As for the Motorola razor phone, it’s design is second to none. Folded together, it is a rather unassuming phone with typical flip phone looks. Open it up, however, and you realize the technology is part art, part science. Turn it side to side as many times as you like, and you still won’t get over how thin the phone’s two components are.

The technology inside the phone doesn’t hurt either. It has full e-mail support and Bluetooth wireless access, which makes it great for business users on the go. For audio, use the speakerphone. For video, the phone only offers playback, not actual recording. But for sending messages, Web surfing, and shooting digital photos of anything and everything around you, it can’t be beat.

Of course, the real reason most people will buy it will be its exquisite design. As much as we don’t like to admit it, we do watch when people place their phones to their ear. We say to ourselves, “Oh look at that old clunker” or “Is that a cordless phone or a cell?” With the Motorola razor phone, though, there will be no words of condemnation. Just ohhs and ahhhs.

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