Cingular prepaid cell phones

Customers that use Cingular prepaid cell phones have access to very practical and indeed very flexible domestic rate plans. Most of the plans offered by Cingular cellular services offer free long distance and free mobile-two-mobile minutes when making calls to and from phones connected to Cingular cellular services. For people who travel regularly, Cingular also offers great international rates.

Cingular international rates for Cingular prepaid cell phones can be activated when signing up for a plan or just before taking a trip meaning that you are noty wasting money when you don’t need to. Using your Cingular phone to make international calls is much easier than using a calling card or an international pay phone. Plus, by using your Cingular phone to make international calls while abroad, you don't have to buy a new phone that has global roaming which can be both expensive to buy and costly to ensure.

The rate per minute for international calls made with a Cingular phone depends on the country you are calling. Some countries are obviously more expensive than others. European countries are far more expensive than countries in the Americas. But in any event is it far better to check with a Cingular prepaid cell phones services customer service representative for exact rates.

Not every phone can make calls around the world. Different countries use different frequencies/bands. A few phones such as the Motorola V400 Quad band and the Motorola V600 Quad band can make calls from anywhere. Other phones apart from the Cingular prepaid cell phones, such as those made by Nokia and Blackberry will work only in selected regions. The manual that comes with the phone should detail what frequencies can be sent and received with the hand set.

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