Cellular phone antenna

Why You Have A Cellular Phone Antenna

For many the need for a cellular phone antenna is essential. Depending on where you are located will depend on your need for an antenna. In most cases the cell towers that you receive a signal from a re so close anymore that there is no true need for a cell antenna. However when the phones were first introduced and were being primarily used in cars; there was a need for an additional car antenna in order to receive a signal. This antenna would mount to the outside of your car much like that of a CB antenna or of your radio antenna. It was used to increase your ability to receive a signal due to the sparseness of the cell towers. However today many of the phones have their own built in extendable antennas or may even feature an antenna that is completely within the unit. With technology the way it is an outside antenna has almost become obsolete.

There is use for them in some areas where this wide open areas and where the cell towers have not yet taken over. However; for the most part people do not really have a need for an antenna for their cell phone any longer. As with most things these are becoming unnecessary to be needed for anyone. Look into what you have and when you do go to purchase a cell phone just to be on the safe side inquire about the need for an antenna. It is possible that they will tell you that you do need one in certain areas, but for the most part this little item will be deemed unnecessary and an expense that does not need to be made.

Do not necessarily take for granted that you will not need this item and that it will only prove to be something that you do actually need.

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