Cell phone headset

Why Use A Cell Phone Headset

A cell phone headset can be a wondrous tool for those of us that are always on the go and need to be using our phones at all times everywhere. In most cases with the earlier models these items simply plugged into a jack on your phone and allowed you talk and listen as you were driving or whatever it is that you were doing. This was labeled to be a safety feature for drivers as it freed up both hands while driving and allowed the driver to continue to look straight ahead as they drove. This piece of equipment has evolved even more so to allow you to be even more hands free as technology now has made the headset wireless and also allows a considerable amount of distance between the actual phone and the user in order to create more freedom and mobility for the user.

Consider this, you are working out and your phone is ringing. You now do not have to leave the machine you are working on or even fumble to find your phone as you can have your headset clipped to your ear and can answer it with the push of a small button on the headset. This allows you answer it and talk with the person and even allows you to disconnect without ever actually touching the handset. This new technology in a wireless headset creates the ability to do even more with less time as you can be doing your reports for the next meeting and planning a meeting for the next week while having your hands completely free.

The only drawback to this item would be the cost. As you can understand something of this caliber is not offered at a discount rate, however it will probably drop in price in the future as the commonality of these cell headsets begins to set in and everyone will want them.

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