Camera cellular phone

Freezing The Memories With A Camera Cellular Phone

Ah the perks of a camera cellular phone. We all think that it is such a wonderful thing to be able to have a camera that we are able to not only talk on but be able to take pictures with as well. It is a novel idea to have these two devices rolled into one package and can actually be quite beneficial to some different professions as well. Say in the field of real estate; you as an agent are not able to get your client to a home. You can take pictures of the home that they are interested in with your phone and send those pictures to your client almost instantly to see if they have a further interest in the property or if the y simply want to move on to other options. You can capture events as they are occurring instead of having to fumble around for a camera, for most of us have our phones with us all of the time, but very rarely have a camera to capture the moment where we always say I wish I had a picture of that.

There are drawbacks however. In many cases the provider will charge a greater amount for the sending of pictures to another phone. There are the intricacies of actually getting the picture off of your phone and either onto your computer, disk or in hard copy. These are all things to consider when using a camera phone.

For the most part cameras are almost a standard feature on phones today. It is something that can be both fun and worrisome at the same time. It creates something else that may be broken or it can be a great benefit depending on your need and use of the camera feature. Use it or do not it is up to you, but it is a feature to consider.

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