How to find the best cellular phone service deal

Finding the best cellular phone service deal can seem as frustrating and difficult as shopping for a new car. Nothing can be as vexing as trying to set up a new service plan that you’ll be locked into for two to three years of your life. There are ways to get around all the headaches and stomach ulcers, though. Just follow these simple tips and just may be able to find the perfect cell phone plan for you.

First, ask around. Probably nine out of ten people that you know--maybe everybody you know!--has a cell phone and a plan. Talking with them about their plans will help you gauge which service plans offer the best deals and which offer the best service. And don’t worry about people being secretive. Even coworkers, neighbors, and other people who don’t know you so well will be open about their cell phones usually. If they’re having a hard time with theirs, they’ll want to vent. Or if they love their cell phone, they’ll want to brag about how smart they were in choosing it.

Either way, you’ll come out of it with a list of different providers and their pros and cons. Now to narrow this list down to find the best cellular phone service deal, you’ll need to do some research one your own. Service plans and offers change monthly, if not daily, so even if you brother got a sweet deal a couple weeks ago, it may not still be available. Plus, providers offer different plans depending on your location. You’ll need to call that service provider to find out.

Or go online. Many sites on the Internet offer services where you type in your address or zip code, and they provide a list of all the cell phone service providers in your area, as well as their offers, rates, and phones. After only a few minutes on the Web, and a few conversations with friends, you could have your best cellular phone service deal.

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